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Enjoy an Exquisite Beach Outing in Ocean Shores, WA

Enjoying a beautiful beach outing in Ocean Shores, WA, is a great way to take advantage of coastal living. Hanging out in the soft sand and listening to rolling waves under the noon sun, you can enjoy the outdoors in a relaxing fashion with Chenois Creek Horse Rentals. We offer beautiful ocean side activities for you and your family because making time to enjoy nature is healthy for the mind and soul.

We want to ensure your visit is an amazing experience where you can enjoy your beach outing in style. Whether you’d like to rent a horse for a ride along the shores or would like to learn more about the wildlife surrounding the beaches, our staff will ensure you have the best time. The expert guides will take you along the coast while you enjoy a horseback ride. You can count on us for an exquisite time; the horses are all very gentle creatures that have been well trained to be comfortable around people.

Contact us today to learn more about our services so that your next beach outing is a complete success. We want you to enjoy the coastal life.